Tipo: Afiladora
Marca: Giddings & Lewis
Origen: Estados Unidos
Precio: $48,000.00

Maquina Afiladora de Herramienta.
Marca: Giddings &a Lewis
Sub-Marca: Winslow
Modelo: H.C.

1 HP Spindle
Motor: 1,800 RPM; 1/4 HP Workhead
Motor: 1,800 RPM;
Wheel Size: 12″ X 3/4″ X 5″ (Horz. Mounted);
Conventional Point: 1/16″-1.5″ Dia.;
Helical Point: 1/16″-1″ Dia.;
Racon Point: 1/16″-1″ Dia.;
Split Point: 1/16″-1/2″ Dia.;
Four-Facet Point: 1/16″-1″ Dia.;
Wiring: 220/440 Volt, 3Phase;
Footprint Size (approx): 36″ L X 45″ W X 53″ H;
Weight (approx : 1,100 lbs;
EQUIPPED WITH: Built-in Wheel Dresser;
Coolant System & 1/4 HP Motor;
Can Grind Carbide Drills w/Optional Diamond Wheel;
Handles all types of 2-Flute & Right Hand Drills;
Drill/Point Angles: 90-140;
Drill Capacities; These specifications are subjection to verification upon inspection.


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